American Chemical Society and Korean Chemical Society sign partnership agreement

A signing ceremony for a partnership agreement between ACS and KCS was held Oct. 25 at the 132nd General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society at the Kimdaejung Convention Center, in Gwangju.

Seokmin Shin, president of KCS, and Sarah Tegen, senior vice president and chief publishing officer of ACS Publications, signed the agreement. The two entities have a shared interest in supporting researchers in journal publications and at scientific conferences, providing networking opportunities in scientific and chemistry-based innovation and advancement, and publishing peer-reviewed materials.

Over the past years, ACS and KCS have successfully partnered on programs that include scientific symposiums at KCS annual meetings and ACS editors’ road shows. This agreement aims to further the collaboration between the two societies.

Separately, Key Lee was appointed content development editor by ACS Publications; his role will include increasing the number of high-quality articles and research from Korean institutions appearing in ACS journals and creating a community of ACS editors, authors, and influential researchers in Korea. He will work closely with the ACS Global Editorial Strategy team to plan and implement journal development initiatives.

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