PLOS Complex Systems and PLOS Mental Health Now Open for Submissions!

We’ve spent the past few months getting our systems ready and building a strong community of editors for each journal who will represent the full diversity of the research communities we aim to serve. With our teams in place, we’re excited to begin accepting submissions to each journal and bring the expert knowledge of researchers in these spaces to a broad audience of stakeholders.

For authors who have been eagerly preparing their manuscripts, you can now submit your work to PLOS Complex Systems or to PLOS Mental Health! More information about the journals including research sections, publication criteria, submission guidelines, and our inaugural Editorial Board members are now available on the journal websites linked below.

About the journals

PLOS Mental Health is an inclusive journal led by Editors-in-Chief Charlene Sunkel and Rochelle Burgess, working alongside staff Executive Editor Karli Montague-Cardoso and in collaboration with a diverse Editorial Board. The journal is seeking research that addresses challenges and gaps in the field of mental health research, treatment, and care in ways that put the lived experience of individuals and communities first. 

PLOS Complex Systems will bring together leading research of broad significance that facilitates understanding of complex systems in all disciplines, led by Editor-in-Chief Hocine Cherifi in collaboration with our Editorial Board of researchers actively working in the field.   

Both journals are intended to bring a broad range of research disciplines and expert perspectives together through broad scopes that facilitate information-sharing and cross-talk among stakeholders. They’re also built on PLOS’ foundation of Open Science principles and will work with research communities to define the practices that improve research integrity, transparency, equity, and visibility in the field. 

Making OA publication more accessible

Both journals are supported by PLOS’ institutional partnership models.PLOS Mental Health will use our Global Equity model which provides regionally equitable opportunities for institutions to cover the cost of Open Access publication on behalf of their authors. PLOS Complex Systems will be supported by our Flat Fee model, which streamlines the process for institutions to reduce or eliminate author fees. 

Find out if your publication fee is already covered

Authors can check our Institutional Partners page to see if their institution is already a PLOS partner–we’ll be adding details about the new journals this week. Authors whose institution or funder is based in a Research4Life country are automatically eligible for similar publishing benefits and can view our fees page for eligibility criteria and additional publication fee support options. 

Keep in touch!

You can help us increase the reach of rigorous mental health and complex systems research and join the discussion by following the journals on X (formerly known as Twitter) @PLOSMentalHlth and @PLOSComplexSys. We want to hear from you!

For more information about the journals (or to be the first to know when first articles publish) sign up to receive news and updates for PLOS Complex Systems and PLOS Mental Health.

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